Membership Benefits

Venus Sourcing and Investments provides members with an African database and resources required to develop and leverage a diverse and inclusive global value chain.
Business Growth

Improve your bottom line by connecting with women vendors who can compete on quality, service and price.

Risk Management

Increase your vendor options by including new suppliers on your list of preferred vendors.

Global Innovation

Build a more dynamic vendor network with growth-oriented women’s enterprises that offer unique products and services.

Vendor Development

Access to Africa’s only on-line directory of verified and registered women-owned businesses.

Knowledge Exchange

Share global supplier diversity and inclusion best practices with other corporate members and a global team of experts.

Brand Enhancement

Demonstrate your global commitment to women’s economic empowerment and inclusive sourcing.

Leader Engagement

Enjoy exclusive networking opportunities with public and private sector leaders.

Global Impact

Join a movement to build a diverse business environment where more women compete to grow their companies and create jobs.