Our Core Services

We pride ourselves in providing value with our extensive experience and expertise. Please consider some of the service areas below, or contact us for additional information.
Unique Service Offerings

We have extensive experience of buying for large corporates, and through our own businesses, have become experts in finding Africa opportunities and understanding how corporates and Governments procure.

Venus will focus on facilitation of black women business owners’ engagement with large buyers in Africa.

We will scan the market place and timeously share wide-ranging opportunities.
We aim to build extensive networks of varied women-owned businesses throughout Africa, from wide-ranging market sectors.

Business Registration

We need your details in the registration, so we can link you with opportunities.

The detail also allows us to talk to investors and large buyers to get access to information and opportunities that we can share. There is power in numbers!

Criteria for registration includes the following:

  • Business must be minimum 51% women-owned.
  • Must be registered business in an African country
  • You must state the country, registration number and address
  • If registered in more than one country, please state this in the notes with the details.
Requests for proposals (RFPs)

We will scan the market place and timeously share wide-ranging opportunities.

We will also share articles that highlight the development in Africa, the key players, growing cities and shortages of skills, as well as alerts on upcoming opportunities.

Efficient Procurement
  • Share articles and legislation that will help with your understanding of requirements by large buyers and investors.
  • Advice on best practices in procurement between women owned businesses and market place Africa
  • Articles to help you understand the market place and be ready for opportunities
  • Success stories
Large Buyers
  • Monitoring and updating of procurement opportunities with large buyers
  • Categorisation of opportunities for procurement with large buyers
Procurement in Africa’s future
  • Africa development agenda and linked opportunities
  • Alerts on development funds and loans by corporations for Africa
  • Alerts on collaboration projects in a range of sectors in Africa
  • Alerts on empowerment projects with related procurement requirements in Africa

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Why Choose Us?

We share a passion for supporting African women of all races to grow their businesses to multinationals, creating the millions of jobs needed for the continent.

The Venus Sourcing platform aims to link women business owners with Marketplace Africa’s large buyers, corporations and governments.